“Let us be the key to your kingdom!”

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Kingdom Kleaning is to serve you and your home, business, or property with our cleaning- by way of harm-less natural products and genuine quality service.
We aim to positively increase the well-being of our clients by helping in their environment, and providing overall healthy jobs that empower the mind and body of our cleaners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to clean up the cleaning industry.
Yes, you heard that right!

In a market that is often overly consumed, over saturated, and over complicated, our vision at Kingdom Kleaning is to simplify the process while being reputable for our results.

We aim to reduce our cleaning footprint in all of our methods for the Earth, human health, and society as a whole.
We aspire to help our clients in their home and cleaners in their work to prosper both mentally and physically, in an area of life that can often be ambiguous.
Lastly, as we grow, we are committed to giving back to the community and eventually hope to donate cleanings to those in need.

Our Core Values & Why Choose Kingdom Kleaning

Service Excellence – 

Delivering what we promise, and adding value beyond what is expected.  Keeping quality control and thoroughness a foundation in all that we do.

Naturally Based Cleaning –

Only using all natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions. See why here.


Customer Oriented –

Your satisfaction is a priority to us. We approach the opportunity in your home and communication with you with a personable attitude- your feedback is important to us!

Sustainability –

Running all operations in an effort to contribute to long-term ecological balance, while being kinder to the human health and well-being of our clients and staff. See how here.

Authenticity, Integrity, and Accountability –

We hope you see and feel that there are real people on the other end of this line, who want to see your kingdom thrive

We value connection and being a small part of your valuable life. 

We train our cleaners on the honesty and trust that comes in their work “behind closed doors”.  

Our cleaners are also professionally trained and thoroughly vetted.

Matchless Brand – 

 In this day and age, we know not only what a company does, but also who they are, is a priority to clients. We take pride in standing out for our unique approach and modern intuition!


From small beginnings growing up in the Midwest state of Indiana, Melanie has always had a drive to serve others. While living in national parks a few years ago leading worship services, she found her passion for hospitality. With her bright leadership qualities, knack for the job, and hard work ethic, she worked her way up into multiple housekeeping supervisor positions at properties across the country.

In her more settling-down stage of life, she thought cleaning houses on the side was just a way to make ends meet. But soon thereafter realizing the humble impact she made on people’s lives by her service, it was clear she found a part of her identity. As a people person, she has always been so honored to be a small piece of people’s beautiful lives and receive the privilege of stepping into their homes.

It was those original client’s that gave her first “yes’s” on this venture, who thankfully shed light on the conscientious side of this industry. 

As a small fish in a big pond, Melanie founded this company in 2022 on a two-“key” combination that she sees as a gap in the market: being a company known for its genuine quality and complete non-toxicity. She believes in the power of serenity that comes from truly green practices and products in this area, and its uplifting effects on the mind, body and spirit. 

As she marches to the front lines of defense for your kingdom with these tactics, and links arms with the royal successors who make our simple yet strong victories possible, Melanie is confident Kingdom Kleaning will make a lasting impact for healthier and happier homes and businesses, one scrub at a time.