“Let us be the key to your kingdom!”


Yes! Please see our Naturally Based Cleaning page under the “Core Components” section for more on this. You can still get something good and clean even though it’s not pumped full of artificial cleaning agents!
Please see our Services page where the Mastery Maintenance Cleaning Rotation System is underlined and linked. For commercial clients and one-time cleans, please see our service chart.

Please view our Pricing page and use our Preliminary Quote Tool for recurring residential cleans. For commercial clients and one-time cleans, pricing will be on a per-walkthrough basis.

Yes! We also thoughtfully and purposefully select all that we are bringing into your home.  Please see our Naturally Based Cleaning page for more information. For commercial clients, specifications will be discussed in the walkthrough.

The state of North Carolina does not require a license for cleaning homes and businesses. We do however have a 1 million general liability policy and up to $10,000 bond.  

We use online invoicing through a secure payment system that accepts all major debit/credit cards. For our recurring clients, we prefer to automatically bill your card with your written approval. For commercial accounts, we invoice at the beginning of the cleaning period, usually monthly, and it can be paid via an online link.

The cost to service your home does not change. We clean for quality and include more in our premium whole home cleaning service, therefore it reflects in our pricing. We have the option to add less total square footage that we are cleaning, but not pick your own price/package structure. 

We are competitive with our service method and pricing structure compared to other larger cleaning companies, solo cleaners, and other independent cleaning businesses. Where one company or person may charge less or more, operations, quality control, and pricing looks different across the board and each has their pro’s and con’s. As much as we love solo cleaners (the owner started as a solo cleaner!), solo cleaners don’t typically stay solo cleaners forever. With little to no vacation time, coverage for missed cycles when things come up, and body wear and tear, growing a cleaning business is more sustainable and profitable for those hard-working individuals. 

What makes us different is our naturally based cleaning/cleaning knowledge, more inclusive rotation system, and we also have a close team of valuable employees vs independent contractors who uphold our priority quality control business model.