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Mastery Maintenance Cleaning Rotation System (MMCRS)

*Please view the key at the bottom of the page*

Our Core 4 Throughout Each Room:


  •  Hard floor dry mop/wet mop, carpet vacuum                                                                                                                                    
  • Attachment used on cracks, crevices, and corners *
  • Stair dry mop/wet mop
  • Stuck on gunk removed *
  • Rugs vacuumed, taken up, or shaken out**
  • Under furniture dry mop**


  • Dry dust all surfaces tops as well as sides & fronts of furniture
  • Basic blind dusting *
  • Item discernment ***
  • High/low dusting included of baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, wall decor, cobwebs *



  • All surface clean in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Item discernment ***
  • Stuck on gunk removed *


  • Glass cleaning- mirrors, windows, sliding glass doors, screen glass doors
  • Basic cleaning of interior window panes, window sills, window frames, door panes, door frames*
  • Basic wall spot cleaning, wall outlet & switch plate clean*
  • Basic tidy, staging of room

All Other Components:

  • Core 4
  • Appliances: -Fridge outside wiped down, water cavity given attention -Microwave wiped down, inside given attention -Stovetop basic clean -Oven outside wiped down -Dishwasher outside wiped down -Sink cleaned -Item discernment ***
  • Cabinet faces: Basic level clean, spot cleaning as needed*
  • Miscellaneous: Basic level clean of trash cans, walls, barstools, backsplashes, range hoods *
  • Core 4
  • Vanities: Item Discernment ***
  • Showers/Shower Doors: Basic level clean, grout *
  • Cabinet faces: Basic level clean, spot clean *
  • Toilets: Basic level clean, bowl buildup removed as needed
  • Miscellaneous: Basic level clean of hard water buildup, shelves, racks, toilet brush holder, toilet paper holders, waste bins *
  • Core 4
  • Bedroom Highlights: Item discernment, getting to flooring under furniture**
Miscellaneous: Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Offices, Mudrooms, Entryways, Hallways, Laundry Rooms, Playrooms, Family Rooms 
  • Core 4
  • Miscellaneous Highlights: Extent of cleaning in each area and features in area rotated

KEY –  * =  Rotated upon discretion, to the best of our ability, cleaning level to which is needed/done at the time is determined upon discretion of cleaner based on time allowance and knowing of their rotation in your home throughout the months and seasons

  **  = Everything above, PLUS noting that the flooring is really not walked on/low traffic therefore less of a priority

*** = Item discernment means seeing if an item on a surface needs lifting/moving to clean under/around, cleaning or dusting off item, putting it back, staging item (making look presentable)