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Our Reviews

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"They did a wonderful job in my home as well with the initial deep clean and best part is they are so good with my rather psychotic dogs (past cleaners have been very afraid!)"
Angnieszka G.
"I just used Melanie for an initial deep clean of my home, and I was blown away by her attention to detail and thoroughness in cleaning my very dirty home! I have not made time to clean being newly postpartum, but Melanie went above and beyond and I almost cried seeing how clean my home was after she finished. I am someone with OCD and perfectionism and I recently hired another cleaning company to clean my home several months ago and I was so unsatisfied that I didn't pay them a penny afterwards, if that gives you an idea of my standards. Melanie is a unicorn and anyone would be SO blessed to have her clean their home. The best part was walking into a spotless space with no hint of any fragrances!!"
Karen S.
"We love Kingdom Kleaning and would highly recommend their services to anyone. We have used other cleaning services and this is the best we have found in the Raleigh area!"
Krista D.
"Kingdom Kleaning was such a blessing to our family. At a time when we needed it most, Melanie took care of our home as though it was her own. We would recommend KK to anyone."
Richard B.
"Highly recommend!"
Ashley C.
"Kingdom Kleaning is dependable and punctual. The house is always cleaned well. Melanie is always super friendly and cares about her customers."
Anita H.
"This was our first time with Kingdom Kleaning. Melanie did a fantastic job. From the moment she arrived, she was respectful of noise (since I was working from home), our 2 dogs, and our home. She deep cleaned our entire house within 4.5 hours! I enjoyed her professionalism and am so pleased with the results. It is especially nice knowing everything is clean without the use of harmful chemicals. I will have KK clean our home again on a regular schedule!"
Marie F.
"We absolutely love Kingdom Kleaning. Melanie took care of our home like it was her own. She was very professional and punctual. We feel like she’s a part of our family. She was very flexible about taking on additional tasks. You can’t go wrong when you choose them to do your home or business."
Robin A.
"She is wonderful!"
Cheryl O.
“We’ve had such a positive experience with Kingdom Kleaning—from the friendliness, to the high quality services, and especially the use of non-toxic products. We’ve had several businesses help us with regular cleanings over the years and this one was by far the best!”
Angela E.
“We’ve had such a positive experience with Kingdom Kleaning—from the friendliness, to the high quality services, and especially the use of non-toxic products. We’ve had several businesses help us with regular cleanings over the years and this one was by far the best!”
Brooke E.
“Melanie is awesome, she is professional and always does a great job cleaning all 3 levels of our home!”
Jared S.
“I highly recommend Melanie! She uses natural based cleaners that work so well- especially in the bathroom and kitchen. She is very thorough and takes time to clean the nooks that others missed. She is pleasant and professional- so thankful to have found her!”
Jame A.
“Kingdom Kleaning has been joy with whom to work. They are professional, efficient and timely. I have worked to use truly non toxic products in my house for a number of years and the products they use fit the bill and they are always striving to learn more about the best non-toxic but effective products. They keep up with what needs to be done when in their cleaning schedule and they are easy to communicate with and are responsive to our needs. It is wonderful to come back to a well cleaned house. I would highly recommend Kingdom Kleaning and their services.”
Shiela V.
“Kingdom Kleaning has been a blessing for our family. We weren't sure we would be able to find house cleaning help because we are extremely careful with what products/chemicals we allow in our home. Melanie's products are truly natural & not just greenwashed! Additionally, she is very professional...always on time, on task, & efficient. It is a joy coming home to a professionally cleaned house. We highly recommend Kingdom Kleaning for your house cleaning needs!”
Curtis V.
“I have so many great things to say about Melanie! She is always on time and does a great job each and every week. She has been a blessing to me and my business.”
Kathleen H.
“Melanie has been fantastic to work with. She is punctual and friendly, always communicates clearly, and does a great job of cleaning. I love that she uses family friendly products and has good attention to detail. I would recommend Melanie and Kingdom Kleaning to anyone.”
Caitlyn F.
“Melanie is a very pleasant, hard-working young lady that shows potential in a leadership position. She cleaned residential homes and was very thorough and detail oriented with her cleanings. I believe that she would be an asset to any company.”
Jennifer C.
“Melanie is a breath of fresh air. She is committed. She is reliable and does a great job in my house...despite having 2 Golden Retrievers messing it up as she goes along.”
Carmen M.
“We were 100% satisfied with Melanie Duncan’s housekeeping services she provided today. She did an outstanding job cleaning every facet of the house. She was very meticulous and thorough, and kept busy getting the job completed. This was her first time cleaning for us and she did an awesome job. She had a delightful personality. Very friendly and polite. Very respectful. Our plan is for her to come every 4 weeks to clean. You could not of asked for a more qualified person to clean for you. She exceeded out expectations.”
Cheryl R.
“Melanie was prompt, courteous, and did an outstanding job on my house. I will definitely be using her again.”
Susie J.