“Let us be the key to your kingdom!”


We price by a conglomerate fixed rate. 

Meaning we charge you the same rate every time, unless distinct additions are made, based on many different factors combined. 

Overall you are paying for our amazing results, not necessarily time.

We pride ourselves in offering more than just the basics in our specialty and quality service, and it reflects in our pricing.

Service Pricing Breakdown- Conglomerate Fixed Rate

*Exception: With the initial deep clean and first few cleans, we do aim to quote you very accurately, but IF it needs to be brought to a different rate because of how long it is consistently taking us because of recurring conditions, we will need to adjust the rate accordingly and discuss the flat rate going forward.*

 (This is mainly for recurring residential clients. Commercial clients and One-Time cleans are filtered through this model, but on a different/bigger scale determined in walkthrough.)

Preliminary Quote Tool

We like to use our time and resources efficiently to cycle back into our valuable clients. 

We ask that you use this preliminary quote tool to get you started on the right track. 

We would then love to confirm your quote with a virtual walkthrough.

Thank you!

APPROXIMATE square footage / total area you want us to clean and/or size of home:

Bi-weekly: $120-$135

Monthly: $120-$160

Bi-weekly: $135-$150

Monthly: $160-$180

Bi-weekly: $150-$165

Monthly: $180-$220

Bi-weekly: $165-$180

Monthly: $220-$260

Weekly: $120-$140

Bi-weekly: $180-$220

Monthly: $260-$280

Weekly: $120-$140

Bi-weekly: $220-$280

Monthly: $280-$340

Weekly:  $140-$160

Bi-weekly: $280-$320

Monthly: $340-$420

Please request a walkthrough for a specialized quote. 

     *** Prospective COMMERCIAL clients are priced IN-PERSON only and ONE-TIME CLEANS are quoted virtually ***

– Preliminary quote DOES NOT INCLUDE the initial deeper clean starting price that is required for us to do our best work consistently in your home, IF you have not had a cleaner in at least 3 months or at all. The level/how long it will take us is determined by the walkthrough. Usually it is double the average time/price. 

– Again, we are more of a whole home cleaning service. Outside of the basics of kitchen, master bath, and master bedroom, we rotate extensivity/cleaning of offices, dining rooms, and mudrooms/laundry rooms, bedrooms (usually don’t need a lot, but throughout the seasons people do want them touched up), 2nd full baths/guest only baths, and half baths. 

– We sometimes see people completely remove bedrooms, a couple bedrooms and a full guest bath, upstairs levels, but we don’t do a lot of mixing and matching a la carte options/fit your budget type service.

– *Please subtract estimated square footage of grouped areas you don’t want us to ever clean.*

– *Does not include basements, basements are a separate in-person quote.*

– Our minimum starts at $120 for basic cleaning. 

– Please see our Summary of Services chart for a list of what is included.